International Trade Tours

iiiEM continuously strives to create a healthy, encouraging and opportunistic environment for young generation to become entrepreneurs in Foreign Trade.

For Export & Import, Foreign exposure becomes a very useful tool. However, more often than not our generation is little skeptical of travelling abroad alone due to reservations of culture, food, language etc.

iiiEM has started “Trade Tours” for all the aspiring enthusiasts who would be able to give wings to their dreams.

iiiEM’s Trade Tours arrange for guided business tours in foreign countries like, UAE., China, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Vietnam, USA and many more. These tours are organized for anyone who wants to or wishes to do business. IiiEM’s Trade Tours is a Trade Tour, restricted to business opportunities, international exhibitions, market visits, buyer – seller meetings and guidance on how to do export or import in a country.

iiiEM’s Trade Tours also extends guidance and support for business on your own home ground.


iiiEM’s Trade Tours have two types of tours:

  • Business Excursions -

In this type of Tours, iiiEM arranges for visits to Wholesale and retail markets and or factories. In this type of tour one can experience a wide range of products, its manufacturing, its pricing and quality too. Here one can “look” for a suitable product to Export or Import. Product selection & Market Selection with actual buyers or sellers is easy.

  • Visiting International Exhibition or Fair-

In this type of Tours, iiiEM takes you to a particular Country which Hosts International Trade Shows & Exhibition.Here you see a huge variety of products of a particular segment (example Food Industry, Textile, Apparels, Furniture, etc.) This exposure is for those who would like to enter into a particular export or import business

Benefits of Travelling with iiiEM’s Trade Tours for Export Import Business 

  1. Export – Import Guide or mentor travels with you on tour for personal guidance
  2. Before & after the business Tour, iiiEM prepares you for the business
  3. Learn firsthand how to negotiate in a foreign Market
  4. Learn to check pricing and quality of products.
  5. Direct Business networking

Who Can Join iiiEM’s Trade Tours:

  1. Aspirants who desire to see the world from Business perspective
  2. Students of Export & Import
  3. Current Exporters or Importers
  4. Businessman who are looking for a new product or diversification of Business

iiiEM’s upcoming Business Tours are :

Type of Tour Country Days & Nights Markets to Visit Products Departure Date  Departure Date Details
China Canton China 5 D + 4 N China Canton 2019 Shenzhen Electronics Market 15-Oct-19 More Details
Fruit Logistica Hong Kong 4 D + 3 N Fruit Logistica 2019 Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 04-Sept-19 More Details
International Fair China 5 D + 4 N China Canton Various Products 13-Apr-19 Registration Closed
International Business Travel China 5 D + 4 N Guangzhou & Shenzhen Exploring 21-Jan-19 Registration Closed
International Trade Fair – Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Fair Germany 4 N + 5 D Berlin Fruit Logistica 6-Feb-19 Registration Closed
International Trade Fair – Packaged, Processed & Halal Food Fair Dubai - USA 1 N + 2 D Gulfood 2019 Gulfood 2019 17-Feb-19 Registration Closed
International Trade Fair – Packaged, Processed & Halal Food Fair Dubai - USA 3 N + 4 D Gulfood + Local Market Gulfood 2019 17-Feb-19 Registration Closed
International Trade Fair – Packaged, Processed & Halal Food Fair Dubai - USA 5 N + 6 D Gulfood + Local Market + Sightseeing Gulfood 2019 17-Feb-19 Registration Closed
International Fair China 5 D + 4 N Canton-Shenzhen Various Products 23-Oct-18

Registration Closed

Sial France 2018 France 5 D + 4 N Paris Food & Beverages 21-Oct-18 Coming Soon
Explore China China 5 D + 4 N Shenzhen, Shunde, Guangzhou Furniture, Garments, Leather & Electronics 15-Jul-18 Registration Closed
Business Excursion China 7 D + 6 N Shenzhen, Shunde, Foshan, Guangzhou Furniture, Ceramics, & Electronics 21-Jan-18 Registration Closed
International Fair Dubai - Gulfood 6 D + 5 N Dubai Food 18-Feb-18 Registration Closed
  Indonesia 4 N + 5 D Jakarta Textile 4-Apr-18 Registration Closed
International Fair China -Canton Fair 5 D + 4 N Guangzhou, China Various Products 29-Apr-18 Registration Closed
Canton 2018 Ph-2 China - Guangzhou Varied Products 22-Apr-18 Registration Closed
Cosmoprof USA - Las Vegas Cosmetics 27-Jul-18 Registration Closed